Kindergarten English Foundation Class

The early years are crucial for a child’s literacy development. Our Kindergarten English Foundation Classes focus on helping the children lay a strong foundation in the English language.

follow url Understanding the fundamental elements of the English Language is extremely important for preschoolers. This will enable them to grasp more complex concepts in the future and grow to become independent learners.

can i buy femara over the counter Our Kindergarten English Foundation Classes also help the children to build confidence in writing, preparing them in advance for the Primary 1 syllabus.


Class Duration: 1 and a half hours

  • Our K1 programme aims to build a strong foundation focusing on reading, writing and the recognizing of words.


  • Phonics skills
  • Word families
  • Songs and rhymes
  • Story-telling to inspire creative ideas
    and cultivate good reading habits


  • Penmanship
  • Letters, words and simple sentence formation
  • Simple picture description

Recognizing Words

  • High frequency words
  • Build memory retention of the words

Simple Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Basic grammar rules
  • Thematic vocabulary


  • Understanding stories read through class discussion


Class Duration: 1 and a half hours

  • Our K2 programme is geared towards preparing the students for Primary 1. In term 3 and 4, we expose them to story development and writing skills in preparation for composition writing.


  • Basic sentence structure
  • Sentence formation and extension
  • Descriptive writing
  • Story development and writing skills

Reading & Comprehension

  • Short passage every week to practice reading skills
  • Story telling to inspire creative ideas
    and cultivate good reading habits
  • Comprehension skills

Recognizing Words

  • High frequency words
  • Build memory retention of the words

Grammar and Vocabulary

  • Refine fundamental grammar skills and knowledge
  • Build up vocabulary and competency

Multi-sensory Spelling Skills

  • Learn interesting ways to spell words!

follow site What parents say about us

” I feel that the curriculum is very well structured and age appropriate. The worksheets are interesting, some are colourful with pictures. The idea of using cut-outs to paste answers and using colourful markers are good techniques to engage kids to do their homework. Matilda has been lagging behind in both reading and writing. When she entered TWC, I am impressed that within 6 months or so, she became a much confident reader, speller and writer. Thanks to teacher Kailin and teacher Aileen for their dedicated effort and commitment to help Matilda to learn in a fun and engaging way. ”

JocelynMatilda’s Mummy

ditropan 5mg lek za ” Lucas has been with The Write Corner for around 3 months. He enjoys every lesson there, as teacher Aileen is extremely caring and will put in great effort to make every learning experience fun for him. The curriculum is comprehensive, not too heavy and it is able to provide the children with a good general overview of a primary school English program. After attending The Write Corner, Lucas is able to spell more words and grasp the basic knowledge of forming good sentences. ”

Ms TanLucas’s Mummy

” Amos is a shy boy and does not express well himself with others. After joining The Write Corner for 3months, he learnt to communicate better and enjoys every moments he has during the class. Curriculum is just right for kindergarten children and my child is able to absorb without much difficulties. Amos is getting more confident towards learning English and always looking forward going to class. Keep up the good work and we look forward to more interesting activities conducted during the class. ”

PaulineAmos’s Mummy