There are two kinds of teachers: the kind that fill you with so much quail shot that you can’t move, and the kind that just gives you a little prod behind
and you jump to the skies.
― Robert Frost

Our team of teachers are not only qualified and well-versed in the English language but also KIND, COMMUNICATIVE and PASSIONATE about education. We want to help your children achieve their HIGHEST potential!

Eileen Chin

Founder, Head of Administration and Operations, B.A. Business, University of London

After 4 years of experience in the education (language) industry, Eileen has developed a keen interest in the pedagogy of pre-school education. She believes that quality pre-school coaching provides children with opportunities to establish positive learning dispositions that will go a long way. Besides running the pre-school curriculum, she oversees the administrative and financial arm of the centre.

Nicolette Ng

Founder, Curriculum Coordinator, Senior Teacher, B.A. (Hons.) English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

Nicolette has a passion for designing curriculum that can help bring quality and effective learning experiences to students. She believes in using innovative methods to instil the love of learning in students.

She has over 6 years of teaching experience in English and Creative Writing. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Education in the English Language at NIE.

Adeline Chin

Centre Manager, Blk 142 Lorong Ah Soo (Beside The Minton) Branch

Feel free to liaise with Adeline directly if you have any queries with regards to the classes or curriculum at the Minton branch - she’ll be happy to get in touch!

Corene Poh

Admin Assistant, Blk 142 Lorong Ah Soo (Beside The Minton)

Chua Huimin

Centre Manager, 81A Brighton Crescent Branch

Feel free to liaise with Huimin directly if you have any queries with regards to the classes or curriculum at the Brighton Crescent branch - she’ll be happy to get in touch!

Deborah Ang

Admin Assistant, 81A Brighton Crescent

Chong Hui Qin

Centre Manager, Blk 134 Lorong Ah Soo Branch

Feel free to liaise with Janice directly if you have any queries with regards to the classes or curriculum at the Lorong Ah Soo 134 branch - she’ll be happy to get in touch!

Carissa Chin

Admin Assistant, Blk 134 Lorong Ah Soo

Aileen Ng

Preschool Specialist, Early Childhood Studies

Aileen specialises in Early Childhood Education and has over five years of teaching experiences in the preschool sector. In both 2011 and 2012, she received the Director’s Honor List Awards for her stellar academic performance in Early Childhood studies at Temasek Polytechnic.

She is skilled at designing educational materials for preschool children that creates a fun-filled, encouraging learning environment - one that promotes interest in learning as well as cultivates positive learning attitudes.

Aileen believes that every child’s creativity can be unleashed in a safe and open environment. In a classroom, every child can be the best that they want to be.

Elysia Ng

Senior Teacher and Teacher Supervisor, Graduate, B.A. Arts Psychology, National University of Singapore

With an insatiable fascination with the beauty and power of words, Teacher Elysia hopes to cultivate in every child the ability to creatively articulate their thoughts and develop their unique idiolect. She aims for every classroom experience to be fun, enriching, rewarding, and most importantly, beneficial to the student.

Over the past years, Teacher Elysia has amassed extensive experience in teaching the English Language over a range of age groups, from Pri Sch all the way to JC.

Chiam Min

Senior Teacher and Teacher Supervisor, Graduate, B.A., English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Min is an English major at NTU. She was on the Dean’s List and graduated with First Class Honours. She is also a holder of various prestigious awards including the NTU President Research Scholarship.

In her pre-Uni days, she volunteered as a teacher’s assistant at Rainbow Centre and also lent academic support to students at Holy Innocents’ Primary School. She has had the privilege of guiding and interacting with children from all walks of life - from ages 3 and up - and she thoroughly, thoroughly loves it.

A firm, patient and committed teacher, she strongly believes in the pedagogic value of reading avidly and in gunning for the moon!

Nivi Prasad

Senior Teacher and Teacher Supervisor, Graduate, B.A. Arts, University of Buffalo

Teacher Nivi has always been intrigued by the way mere words can be strung together to evoke strong emotion and vivid imagination.

Her keen interest in the English Language has spurred her to be involved in writing for school campus publications, English theatre productions as well as Speech and Drama workshops.

With more than 3 years of teaching experience, Teacher Nivi continues to help children craft creative narratives. Her vision is to eventually bring students to view the art of writing with the same wonderment that she does.

Sandy Kwan

Senior Teacher, Graduate, B.A. English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Sandy is a full-time tutor with 9 years of tutoring experience across primary, secondary, JC, IGCSE and IB levels. She specialises in teaching the English language and has written curriculum for the latest secondary school English syllabus.

To her, nothing is more satisfying that to see her students become competent learners in the English Language. She hopes to stretch each students’ potential to the fullest.

She is a dedicated and bubbly educator who delivers engaging and productive lessons!

Louise Tay

Senior Teacher, Graduate, B.A. English Linguistics, National University of Singapore

Teacher Louise brings with her over 8 years of tutoring experience across primary, secondary and JC levels.

For three years, she travelled around Asia to develop, revise and implement curriculum for a reputable tuition franchise.

She has conducted numerous English lessons for primary and secondary level students and coached local and International students privately.

It brings her remarkable joy and an immense sense of achievement when her students demonstrate their understanding and love for learning.

Melissa Chong

Senior Teacher B.A. English Literature, University of Adelaide, Master of Teaching (Secondary), UniSA

A voracious childhood appetite for stories and a passionate three-year immersion in the world of English Literature have tilled the ground for Teacher Melissa’s career in the teaching of English. She takes pride in designing thought-provoking classroom activities and assessment tasks for Singapore students as well as students from multilingual backgrounds in Australian secondary schools.

Bringing back with her a wealth of pedagogical knowledge, Teacher Melissa is committed to endowing her students with a critical lens, spurring them on as active readers and nurturing them to blossom as writers by deepening their skills of reflection and their understanding of the world through the engagement of texts. She is also a curriculum writer for the Secondary school arm at The Write Corner.

Yu Ting

Senior Teacher, Undergraduate, BSc. Political Science, Singapore Management University

Focused, meticulous and dedicated, Teacher Yu Ting is an avid reader with a keen imagination and a love for language, which has served her well in her varied writing experiences, be it in the newsroom, on-air radio or school publications.

Her approach towards storytelling combines vivid imagery together with an emphasis on logic to harness the potential of children in creating descriptive and well-structured stories.

Through plenty of encouragement, guidance and an attitude to always strive further and beyond, Teacher Yu Ting takes great pride in creating a curiosity-stimulating environment which will best nurture independent and creative minds.

Joey Han

Senior Teacher, B.A. Philosophy, Nanyang Technological University

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Teacher Joey strongly believes in this quote from Socrates and she strives to make each lesson as meaningful and enriching as possible for her students.

Having gained a wealth of experience writing and producing for several local TV shows, Teacher Joey is adept at managing a stimulating environment full of children.

Alyssa Ong

Teacher, Graduate, B.A., Double Major in English and Communications Studies, University of San Diego

With a passion for the written word and its endearing capability to tell stories, Teacher Alyssa takes an encouraging and motivational approach towards when teaching students the English Language.

For the past 4 years in Singapore, Teacher Alyssa worked as a private tutor, as well as a copywriter for publishers. Her love for tutoring began in University, where she committed her time while studying to tutoring undergraduate and middle school students in America who studied English as a second language.

Teacher Alyssa hopes to unlock the creative potential in each child and to inspire them to improve as writers and thinkers each step of the way.

Ma Xin Yi

Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A. Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Xin Yi finds a great sense of fulfilment in helping children find joy in their learning journeys as well as helping them develop their full potential in writing.

Building rapport with her students is of great priority to her. She believes that when you understand every child as an individual, you can help them to discover what they are truly capable of.

Martin Low

Teacher, B.A. English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

A tireless and passionate teacher, Teacher Martin believes in the limitless academic potential of every individual.

Using creative styles of pedagogy, he breaks down the arduous process of conventional rote learning into fun, bite-sized stages.

His primary motto is to make learning as enjoyable as possible for our budding young writers! Having developed a strong passion towards academia, he hopes to delve deeper into pedagogy and extend his passion in English Literature in his postgraduate studies.


Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

As an aspiring writer, Teacher Rina hopes to unlock the potential for creativity that is within every child.

She tailors her teaching method to suit the student as she believes that every child is unique. With endless patience and passion, Teacher Rina hopes to pass on her zest for the written word to her students.

She has been teaching at The Write Corner for over a year and has prior experience teaching at an after school care centre for primary school students.

Goh Wei Hao

Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A. Public Policy and Global Affairs, Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Wei Hao’s love for writing began when he worked at Singapore Press Holdings. He has continued to write every single day since - including his own collections of short stories and poems. Hence, he understands all too well the difficulties that his students face when writing.

Through his lessons, Teacher Wei Hao wishes to achieve two things: first, to inspire the same love he has for writing in his students; and second, for his students to be able to articulate every thought and idea that they might have - for them to never again be at a loss for words. He aims to achieve this through patience, enthusiasm, and his genuine drive to see them fulfil their fullest potential.

Prior to teaching at TWC, Teacher Wei Hao volunteered and taught at Boy’s Town and Fei Yue Family Centre, as well.

Esther Woo

Teacher, Graduate, B.A. Arts, National University of Singapore

Through her experience in private tutoring and interning at a school for students with special needs, Esther has cultivated the ability to remain level-headed whilst handling a myriad of student personalities and learning needs.

Her passion for creative writing stemmed from her love for books since her younger days. Esther is eager to combine her interests and experiences to make learning an enjoyable, fruitful journey for students. She hopes her students will always keep their spark of imagination alive and write stories that will captivate readers.

Isabelle Teo

Teacher, Postgraduate, M.A. English (Creative Writing), Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Isabelle has had immense passion for story telling since childhood, and she aims to impart this passion to her students.

Her six years of teaching experience, with both primary and secondary school students, has lent her the flexibility to adapt to each child’s individual needs. By engaging students through imaginative and enriching lessons, she strives to foster in them a love for learning and writing that extends beyond the classroom.

Every child has a voice within them that is theirs alone; Teacher Isabelle intends to help them find and wield it with confidence and creativity.

Claire Ng

Teacher, Undergraduate, BA (Hons) in Psychology (Second Major in Communications) at Nanyang Technological University

A passionate individual who is dedicated to her work, Claire believes that every student can reach their fullest potential given an appropriate and nurturing environment.
Equipped with knowledge in developmental psychology, Claire is committed to using positive reinforcement to create a conducive and supportive environment for every student to excel academically and in creative expression.


Teacher, Undergraduate, BSc. Political Science & International Asian Studies, Singapore Management University

Teacher Hanisa has always been interested with words and how they convey worlds. She hopes to instill this sense of awe in her students, and to cultivate their imagination.

With more than three years of experience in the Creative writing teaching industry, she is confident that her students will benefit from her lessons. To her, creating an open, stimulating environment is key to nurturing curiosity and self-improvement.

It is her greatest joy witnessing the growth of her students into wonderful and passionate Writers.

Lena Loke

Teacher, Undergraduate, Bachelor of Communications with Political Science, SIM University

Teacher Lena strongly believes that with patience, the right learning attitude and a nurturing environment, students will be able to become the best that they can possibly be. Having been involved in several debates and emceeing stints over the years,

Teacher Lena envisions her students to grow up to become competent communicators, are able to think critically, speak articulately and express themselves powerfully with words. Outside of school and work, Teacher Lena is a backpacking enthusiast who enjoys volunteering in different orphanages around Southeast Asia.


Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A. English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Natasya believes that creativity is inherent in everyone. With a pinch of humour and a keen eye for detail, she hopes to mould her students into not only avid but passionate writers.

Through life-like descriptions and out-of-the-box plots, Teacher Natasya believes that the skill of writing is art in itself. Communicators should be able to think critically, speak articulately and express themselves powerfully with words.

Gloria Paul

Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A., Public Policy and Global Affairs, Nanyang Technological University

With a passion for literature and love for poetry, Teacher Gloria hopes to help each child craft a meaningful piece of writing each lesson.

A child’s imagination is unlimited and they should learn how to express them well in both spoken and written language.

Teacher Gloria believes that each student can develop their own unique style of writing. If they are equipped with the right writing skills, they can grow to be fluent and ardent writers.

Raspal Kaur

Teacher, Major in Leisure & Events Management

Teacher Raspal is a passionate individual and believes in bringing the passion in everything she does in the classroom. She believes in making connections in order to help her students learn best. Also, she believes that writing is vital for good communicators. She hopes to impart her knowledge to her students and hope that they will grow to love creative writing!

Ng Kai Lin

Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A. in Psychological Science at UniSIM. Diploma in Psychology. Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Studies, Temasek Polytechnic

Teacher Kai Lin is currently pursuing her bachelor degree in Psychological Science with UniSIM. As a MCYS scholar specialising in Early Childhood Studies, she has more than 3 years of experience teaching active pre-schoolers.

She believes in laying a strong linguistic foundation for children to freely express themselves and aims to make lessons interesting to cultivate passionate learners. She finds fulfillment in watching children achieve their fullest potential.

Alvina Ho

Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A. English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

Having worked with international students, Teacher Alvina has developed patience and versatility in her teaching to cater to every student’s needs. Teacher Alvina has a passion for teaching. She enjoys working with children and strives to be a mentor and friend to them.

Being an avid reader, Teacher Alvina hopes to cultivate a love for reading among her students through story-telling. Besides reading and teaching, Teacher Alvina is also a film buff that indulges in movies in her free time. She believes that creativity takes courage and she wishes to inspire her students to be bold and create their own stories.

Suk Yi

Teacher, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Graphic Design, LASALLE College of the Arts

Teacher Suk Yi believes that all children can be inspired to write creatively given the right learning environment. Apart from being a designer, she has been writing for various online publications. She is also involved in giving voluntary English and Math tuition to primary school children. This has broadened her experience in working with children from different backgrounds, and she strongly believes that with patience and encouragement, all children can reach their fullest potential.

Teacher Suk Yi is also an avid reader and counts Jane Austen and Harper Lee as some of her favourite authors. In her free time, she loves to travel and pens her experiences down in her travel and food blog.

Mildred Moh

Teacher, Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Consulting), Nanyang Technological University

Mildred embarked on her writing journey at a very young age and attributes her continued passion to supportive parents and encouraging teachers. Over the years, she has participated in numerous writing competitions, both locally and internationally, which helped sharpened her skills and broaden her exposure to different writing techniques and style. She is currently pursuing a Minor in Creative Writing and hopes to create an environment where her students will find writing to be an enjoyable process.

Charlene Lee

Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A., English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

After pursuing a diploma in Law and Management from Temasek Polytechnic, Teacher Charlene decided to take her interest in reading and writing further by pursuing English Literature at NTU. Her experience teaching lower primary English to children in an orphanage in Batam, Indonesia during overseas volunteer trips ignited in her the passion for teaching. She hopes to one day fulfil her ambitions in a school classroom.

English has been her favourite subject since primary school and she believes that each student has the ability to embrace the language with the same passion and interest that she does. She enjoys talking about favourite books and movies to help students gain inspiration to write creatively. She also strives to develop personalised teaching methods to bring out and hone each child’s unique writing skills.

Charmaine Chan

Teacher, Bachelor of Business(Marketing), Royal Institute of Melbourne (RMIT University)

Teacher Charmaine has worked with both children and youths through various volunteering opportunities and internship. Her work has involved leading service-learning projects and planning educational games.

Nurturing, patient and creative, Teacher Charmaine strives to create a supportive classroom environment that caters to different learning needs. She believes that with the right attitude, guidance and belief system, every individual has the capacity to succeed.

In her spare time, Teacher Charmaine loves reading non-fiction books and continues to volunteer among youths.

Natalie Kwan

Teacher, Undergraduate, Bachelor of Communications, University of Buffalo

Natalie is passionate about creative writing and believes in making learning enjoyable for students. She believes in building up rapport with students in order to achieve every child’s full potential.

In her spare time, she is a freelance contributor and avid bookworm.


Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A., English Literature, Nanyang Technological University

After first experiencing the joy of teaching while on several expedition projects in Thailand, Teacher Farshad has made it his personal goal to be a bridge to the next generation. A student every day, he has been a fond admirer of literature since his primary school days. Being a former media student, Teacher Farshad is also a freelance video editor and scriptwriter and has worked on several projects with companies such as National Library Board and Changi Airport Group to gain valuable insight into the art of storytelling.

An aspiring novelist, Teacher Farshad is also currently pursuing a Minor in Creative Writing and aims to instil an unbridled passion for writing in his students. Believing every student is different, he hopes to encourage curiosity and creativity while creating a positive environment for each and every single budding writer to succeed.

Benedict Lee

Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A., Public Policy and Global Affairs, Nanyang Technological University

Imagination is the essence of discovery. As an avid reader, Teacher Benedict aims to cultivate this same love for reading and writing in his students. He believes this is the first step to unlocking their innate potential and igniting their passion for the craft.

Armed with experience from his copywriting assignments at Mediacorp and his editorial background as a mass communications student, Teacher Benedict strives to help each child bring their ideas to life through creative and interactive lessons.

Having also taught English in Cambodia as part of his community service, Teacher Benedict is confident that with patience and understanding, learning can be an enjoyable process for any child.

Rachel Chan

Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A., Political Science, National University of Singapore

In creative writing, teacher Rachel believes that a child is like an explorer in the woods, waiting to discover the beauty of English and unleash the wonders of creative writing.

Having taken English Language and Linguistics (ELL) in JC, she understands how to aid students to use the language to create not just a piece of writing but a vivid reading experience for their readers.

Her exuberant disposition and sociable nature makes her likeable amongst children. She hopes to aspire them to believe in themselves and that nothing is impossible for them, and to achieve writing unique stories that they are proud to call their own.

Candice Li Jin Jie

Teacher, Undergraduate, L.L.B, Law, National University of Singapore

Teacher Candice’s passion for reading and writing was inspired from an early age thanks to her mother’s habits of bringing her to the library.

A competent writer, she has clinched awards such as the Best Position Paper Award at the Nanyang Technological University Model United Nations (2016) and has also used her writing skills to her advantage by winning the Future Thinking Challenge (2015), which was jointly organised by the Prime Minister’s Office and Anglo Chinese School.

Teacher Candice takes delight in helping students realise their fullest potential in creative writing and her greatest wish is to ignite the same passion for writing that she has in all her students.

Aldrin Relador

Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A. (Hons.) Philosophy, Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Aldrin is a patient and passionate educator who is committed to creative prose and rigorous argumentation. As a Philosophy major, he is trained to be precise in language and ideation - key virtues of excellent writing.

Having spent about a year as a private tutor and volunteer tutor for underprivileged PSLE students, Aldrin has taught students’ of varying writing abilities. With his experience, he is able to adapt to the unique needs of any budding writer to achieve their best.

Teacher Aldrin encourages his students to be independent thinkers with a strong sense of focus in their writing. His method of nurturing the potential out of his students is a systematic pedagogy centred around guided learning. With the right skills and a growth-mindset, Aldrin’s students can be inspired to champion the art of storytelling.


Teacher, Undergraduate, B.A. Psychology, Nanyang Technological University

Teacher Priya is an enthusiastic teacher with 4 years of experience in private tutoring under her belt. She desires to cultivate the love for learning among her students and believes that learning is a lifelong process. In her classroom, she takes pride in encouraging her kids to be creative and innovative. Through creating a joyful classroom atmosphere, Teacher Priya seeks to help her students express their intriguing ideas into their very own personal narratives and stories.

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning."
- Brad Henry

These three things are what Teacher Priya aspires to be in the classroom, so that her classes will always be fun, enriching and productive for her students.