Primary 1


The Homeless Kitten

The sun shone brilliantly across the vast blue sky. Jane’s mother asked her to buy some bread from the supermarket. She ran quickly to get them. After she bought the loaf of bread, she made her way home.

On the way back home, Jane heard a faint meowing sound. She searched for the source of the sound as she neared. It grew louder as she approached. Jane was startled when she sound was coming from the drain. The homeless kitten had unkempt fur and scruffy ears. It was weak and helpless and Jane brought it home.

She poured some milk into a bowl and the kitten slurped up the milk greedily – it was starving. Jane saw that the kitten’s leg was injured and she bandaged the leg. She was grinning from ear to ear, as she always wanted a pet!

Jane asked her mother if she could keep it. Her mother said, “Yes, you can!” She was jumping up in joy. The homeless kitten was now her new best friend!

Primary 1 (2017), St Gabriel’s Primary School


The Homeless Kitten

The sun shone brilliantly across the vast blue sky. Mary was playing games at home. Her mother asked her to go to the nearby supermarket to buy some bread.

On the way back home, Mary heard a faint meowing sound. She followed the faint meowing sound and saw a homeless kitten in the drain. The kitten had unkempt fur and scruffy ears. It looked weak and helpless. Mary gently picked up the kitten and brought it home. Elated to have a kitten, she was grinning from ear to ear all the way back home.

When they reached home, Mary gave the kitten some warm milk to drink. The kitten slurped up the milk greedily in the kitchen.

Mary was glad to take care of the homeless kitten. She felt proud that she could give it a nice comfortable home.

Xin Le
Primary 1 (2017), Mee Toh School


The Homeless Kitten

The sun beat down on the beautiful world. I was walking home from the supermarket. Suddenly, a loud purring sound could be heard.

The sound grew louder as I approached. I started searching for the source of the sound. Finally, my eyes saw a homeless cat behind the rose bushes. My eyes opened wide and mouth dropped agape. It had unkempt fur and scruffy ears. It also looked weak and helpless. My instincts told me that it was starving. In a hurry, I brought him home to feed him some milk. He slurped some milk and fish greedily. I was bandaging him when my mother saw him and exclaimed, “Who brought the cat in the house?”

I owned up to my actions. “I was the one who did it,” I admitted while my mother reprimanded me for not asking for her permission, but she allowed me to keep the cat until it recovers. I learnt that I could not bring stray animals home without permission in the future. The homeless kitten I found became my new best friend!

Leonard Koh
Primary 1 (2016)



Bryan and Lisa are siblings. They enjoy playing together. Bryan was playing with two cars. Suddenly, Lisa snatched one car away. Bryan’s face flushed with anger and he yelled, “Stop it Lisa! That’s my car!” Bryan gave Lisa a hard shove.

Lisa’s eyes opened wide and her mouth hung agape. She was cross at him and threw a book at him. Bryan ducked in time and the book missed him.

Crash! The book hit the glass lamp instead. It broke into a million pieces. Bryan and Lisa knew that they were in deep trouble. Their hearts pounded wildly as Mother stomped into the living room, face flushed with anger.

Bryan and Lisa apologised repeatedly with their head hung low and tears in their eyes. They promised to not fight again. Mother forgave them.

Zhang Zhi Yan
Primary 1 (2015)

The Cat Fights Back

Ding dong! The bell rang. It was time to go home. Harry, Tim and Jack were going home. On their way back home, they saw a cute cat sleeping on the green grass.

Jack saw that there were many rocks on the ground. At that juncture, he picked up on big rock and threw it at the cat. When the cat winced in pain, Jack’s eyes lit up. Jack then used a stick to poke the poor cat’s eye. The cat ran away whimpering.

The cat’s mother had watched everything. Jack did not see the bigger cat preparing to pounce on him. While Jack chased the little cat, the mother cat suddenly pounced angrily at Jack and bit Jack.

Jack burst into tears. “Oh! Jack are you ok?” Tim asked as he helped Jack up. Jack explained what happened. After this incident, Jack learnt a painful lesson. He never dared to abuse animals any more.

Zhang Zhi Yan
Primary 1 (2015)

Cookie Jar

The sky was as blue as a sea and the sun was as round as a ball. Alex loved cookies, because they were very sweet and tasty. Although he loved cookies his mother did not let him eat too many cookies, because they can cause him to get sick easily.

“Alex I am going to the super market right now. Do not eat these cookies!” Mother bellowed as she shut the door. “Yay! Mother is not here. I can eat all the cookies!” Alex hollered as he grinned from ear to ear. Alex pushed the stool to the kitchen and he climbed into the stool. The cookie jar was very hard to reach. Alex lost his balance and fell with a loud thud.

“Ouch! I am in so much pain!” Alex yelled as he grazed his knee! Mother came home and she saw Alex’s knee. She asked what had happened and Alex told her what had happened. She brought him to the clinic and his mother scolded him. Alex learned his lesson to not climb the stool again!

Zhang Zhi Yan
Primary 1 (2015)


The Mischievous Boy

Denzel was a mischievous boy. There was no teacher in the class and the class was rowdy. Samuel had brought a new ball to class. Denzel’s eye lit up. He was up to mischief. He wanted the new ball for himself.

All of a sudden, Denzel snatched the ball from Samuel and refused to return the ball. Samuel fell to the floor and Samuel’s head hung low in disappointment. Denzel was his friend, and he never expected Denzel to do that.

After ten minutes, Samuel decided to stand up for himself. Without hesitation, Denzel threw the ball up and it hit the ceiling light. The class screamed in fear and hid under the tables. Glass shattered on the children.

At that juncture, the teacher bellowed, “What happened!” The children pointed at Denzel. One of the kids cried and explained what had happened. His teacher’s face flashed with anger and he reprimanded Denzel. As he was disciplined by his teacher, Denzel’s face turned as red as a clown’s nose. He was ashamed. He apologised

Esther Siak
Primary 1 (2015)