What We Do

We specialise in providing English and Composition/Creative Writing classes for kindergarten, primary and secondary school students.

In small classes of only 6 students, our teachers give each individual students close attention and guidance in their writing and work.

The Write Corner has helped hundreds of children become soaring writers and achieve their desired grades with our top-notch curriculum and unique teaching methods. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver exceptionally FRUITFUL and EFFECTIVE tuition lessons. We nurture writers from a young age and help them to translate their vivid imaginations into stories.


The early years are crucial for a children’s holistic development. Our Kindergarten classes focus on helping them build a strong foundation in the English Language and provide them with opportunities to build their confidence in writing.

Focuses on:

Spelling Skills
Word Recognition, Reading and Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary
Story Mapping and Writing Skills


At the primary level, we introduce valuable creative writing skills to help them express their thoughts & emotions through writing. Teachers give detailed feedback on every piece of composition written in class. As your child moves up each grade, he/she will get to explore a wide range of composition topics.

Focuses on:

  • Creative Writing Skills
  • Widening Range of Vocabulary
  • Varied Sentence Construction
  • Explore Comprehensive List of Writing Themes and Topics

For more details on our primary school programme, click here.


At the secondary level, all paper 1 and paper 2 segments fully covered (70% Weightage). Our key focus areas are on Current Affairs, Comprehension (both narrative & non-narrative text types) and Writing. We will introduce targeted strategies to tackle complex comprehension questions (Latest MOE Syllabus) and students will be exposed to a carefully selected range of vocabulary words, passages, and articles.

The MOE Secondary English curriculum requires the student to display independent critical thinking and writing across a broad range of topics. With a small class size of only 7-8 students, our teachers are able to take the time to focus and explore each topic thoroughly. In our classes, we strive for understanding and not just memorising. Our end goal is to help students develop independent and critical thinking.

Focuses on:

  • Crucial Current Affairs Knowledge
  • Increase Vocabulary Uptake
  • Skills and strategies to tackle complex Comprehension questions found in the O’Level Cambridge Paper
  • Important Writing Skills for Narrative, Personal Recount, Descriptive, Argumentative and Discursive Essays
  • Explore Comprehensive List of Writing Themes and Topics

For more details on our secondary programme, click here.

*Note* The Secondary English Mastery Class has a maximum class size of 8 students.