Why Choose Us?

7 Years

7 years of creative writing curriculum experience (following the latest MOE syllabus).

30+ Team

30+ team of trained, dedicated and passionate teachers.

588 Students

588 students enrolled and counting.

700+ Students

More than 700 students taught and trained by us.

Small Class Size

With a small size of only 6 students in a class, we are offer a productive, optimal learning experience. We are one of the few centres in Singapore, specialising in writing that offer a 1:6 teacher-student classroom ratio.

Our teachers to give every individual student close attention and guidance.

The teachers will get to know every student’s strengths and weaknesses so as to better curate a fruitful learning experience for them.

Studies have shown that a lower student-teacher ratio results in significant gains in student achievements. Particularly for classes in the early grades (K – P3), small class sizes have shown to produce the greatest benefits.

Smaller class sizes will also allow the students to have more opportunities to interact with their teachers.

Effective and Focused

Yes, that is right! We believe that when children are passionately curious, they can grow to love reading, learning and writing.

Ensuring that our lessons fruitful and focused are the key goals at The Write Corner.

Everyone processes new information through three main cognitive learning styles – auditory, visual and kinesthetic. To help our students learn effectively, our Kinder Writer classes are particularly fun and engage in different activities such as acting, writing and speaking in class.

Many of our students have grown to become confident writers through our teaching methods and curriculum.

We Work Hard

At The Write Corner, we keep ourselves on our toes and take great pride in what we do.

We work hard to constantly upgrade our curricula and keep it relevant year after year to the MOE syllabus.

We do this by revising our lesson plans, materials, and methodologies frequently, sourcing from the best all around the world.

Discover, write & achieve on this journey together with us!